Kooshmandi Homa

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Kooshmandi Homa (U)

01h 08min | Sanskrit | 08 Oct 2020

Kooshmandi Homa - Three stages of our life, that are Physical, Intellectual, and Spiritual.
The Savithri Vritha or Kooshmandi Vritha is mentioned in Yajurveda, performing to get the blessings from the lord Sun (Soorya Bhagwaan). He is the main source of energy in the Universe. By performing the Kooshmandi Vritha or Savithri Vritha, our mindset will be purified from all the guilty consciousness and paapas, which are done knowingly or unknowingly. All the manthras of these vrithas is praying lord Soorya Bhagawan to get a new mindset or a rejuvenated life full of abundance.

Performed by: Dr. Vikas Neelakandan