Chakraabja Pooja

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Chakraabja Pooja (U)

54min | Malayalam | 28 Sep 2020

Chakraabja Pooja - The Chakraabja Pooja is done in a Mandala called Chakraabja Mandala. It is drawn by the colors that represent the five elements. In a way that the Chakraabja Mandala is representative of Cosmic time cycle including every Raasis, every Zodiac Planets, and all other factors which are significant in the consideration of time. In this Chakraabja Mandala with a ritualistic process of medication, Vishnu the sustainer is worshiped in the form of time along with the Navagrahas, the Twelve sign of the Zodiac, the Trigunas, and the twenty-five Tatwas.

Performed by: Shri Eekkatumana Neelakandan Namboodiripad - Dr. Vikas Neelakandan